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Your Direction to Business Success 

EncompassHR LLC offers a comprehensive suite of human resources services to meet your immediate concerns and an ongoing commitment that ensures a focused approach to your long-term vision and strategic plan for success.

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Fractional HR for Growing Businesses

For effective business growth


Human Resources is critical to the success of every organization


...yet it can be difficult to allocate the time and attention HR requires. We help you focus on what you do best, and develop the structure you need to take your business to greater heights.

We offer a range of flexible resources that augment, enhance and grow your human resources department. No matter how large or small, we build a personalized approach your business needs to achieve its goals.

How Can We Help You?



EncompassHR is a boutique style HR Consulting firm in the Dallas Metroplex that specializes in the individual needs of the client.


We provide leadership development and consulting in all thing’s human resources. Creating strong partnerships with all levels of leadership and building successful HR initiatives by offering the following support:


  • Onboarding (offer letters, new hire forms and checklists, etc.)

  • Terminations

  • Benefits 

  • Employee relations

  • Property and casualty

  • Training and Development


  • Process and policies

  • Harassment

  • DE&I

  • Basic OSHA

  • AAP

  • EEOC

  • Handbooks

Audits and Projects

  • I-9 forms

  • Personnel files

  • Job descriptions

  • Compensation

  • Handbooks

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IN THE PRESS - Dustin Jones

RISE (Resilience, Identity, Strength, Endurance) and Mentorship with Guest Dustin Jones

Join Tara and Dustin Jones, a speaker, trainer, and CEO / Owner of EmcompassHR LLC, as we discuss and learn about her leadership story. We talk about mentorship and its importance as leaders, why communication is key, and her acronym RISE (Resilience, Identity, Strength, and Endurance).

Dustin Jones, Owner of Encompass HR, LLC | The Jeff Crilley Show

Well, I don't think it's ever been so important for companies to have a good response when it comes to human resources. There's a myriad of problems that can crop up, especially in this post-COVID world that we work in, remote work versus in-person work. To help untangle that mess is Dustin Jones, she's the owner of Encompass HR, LLC.

HR Executive is Bridging the Gap Between Employers and Employees

Dustin Jones is the owner and CEO of EncompassHR, LLC, a boutique fractional HR consulting and leadership development company that provides human resource consulting services focusing on HR strategy development, planning implementation, and oversight. With over two decades of experience in tactical HR and HR leadership working with various companies and industries, Dustin has developed expertise and best practices in HR compliance, mentorship, leadership development, strategic planning, and change management. Dustin is changing the stigma associated with HR by bridging the gap between the needs of employers and employees.

Frisco Realty News with Mr. Frisco Episode 14: Dustin Jones

In this episode of Frisco Realty News with Mr. Frisco, Viktor Taushanov has on Dustin Jones, Mrs. Frisco in the Mrs. Texas Pageant and owner of EncompassHR.

Voyage Dallas Magazine
Dustin Jones vOYAGE dALLAS.jpg

Dustin, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?

This is a big question! For my work career, I started my professional work in a congressman’s office. When I moved to Texas, I got a job in marketing for a brief time, but ended up in HR. I have been in HR for over 20 years. I left in September 2021 to start my own business. I am a fractional CHRO consultant that specializes in strategic infrastructure creation and planning, as well as training and development and individual employee coaching. I am a speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. I have a BA in Communications and recently completed my Masters in Communications.

On the personal side... READ MORE HERE

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