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The Charlotte Letter


Business owners, if you are looking for someone to handle all or some of your HR needs, you will love Dustin. Our company has benefitted from Dustin's wisdom and expertise from working over 25 years in corporate America. She helped through the ups and downs of our company, such as hiring, firing, compliance, getting our workman comp insurance together, handbooks, company insurance policies and so much more than we have yet to tap into. We are only scratching the surface of what Dustin can offer.

Mommies In Need


We had an amazing second in-service of the year, focused on professional communication skills! Our team had the opportunity to learn from HR Consultant, Dustin Jones, about effective communication strategies for the workplace. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to invest in our professional development and to strengthen our team's skills. Thank you to Dustin for sharing your expertise with us, and to everyone who participated in this fantastic event.

Saul Watson

Coordinator Student and Family Services for Oceanside Unified School District

Dustin is a trusted and qualified educational leader in her field. Expect a high-level of competence and resolution based professional training at a personal level. Her wealth of knowledge and real world experience make her an ideal candidate to train or influence professional growth within any corporation or department.

Maria Weimann

Attorney at Law, Owner - Private Practice

Dustin Jones is a trusted colleague that I worked with for over 10 year. She understands the importance of being honest and seeking the truth, which is critical in the Human Resources field. Having her on your team is an asset for any company.

Tanya Davis

HR Manager

Dustin has been a valuable resource for our company. She has helped us with several processes and is quick to respond to our questions. It’s clear that her knowledge and experience are in-depth. If there have been any instances that she wasn’t 100% confident, she has a solid set of resources and referrals at her disposal and utilizes them to get and information we need. I would highly recommend Dustin as a resource.

Kimberly Devine


Dustin is a dedicated professional whose experience and expertise make her an asset to any business' growth.

Sarah Titterington

Sr Account Manager

Dustin is a very detail oriented HR Professional that takes great pride in doing things right the first time. She is well respected by everyone from the Director level to her co-workers. She manages her team very effectively and facilitates the hiring process with ease. Dustin is an asset.

Bill Ransom

Business Development Consultant

Dustin is a fair-minded person who approaches each problem as an opportunity. She is diligent, thorough and detailed minded. Dustin takes great pride in doing her very best on behalf of the people for whom she supports. She is knowledgeable, yet continues to challenge herself to grow and to increase her knowledge and understandings. She is an excellent professional.

Todd C. Brock


Dustin is highly organized, very HR- knowledgeable, and a great person to work with. I like Dustin's very straightforward communication style and think she would be an outstanding addition to any company.

Domingo Rodriguez

Director Of Fulfillment Services

Dustin is a detailed oriented manager who handles all Human Resources for our company. She personally attends to all employee issues and follows up on every detail. All while maintaining company policies and procedures. On a personal note Dustin is very personable and professional, and is an asset to anyone who requires her services.

Jordan W. Cowman


Based on my work with Dustin, I am confident in her ability as a competent, thorough, and talented human resources professional. She is a delightful person to work with, and I recommend her very highly.

Peter Driscoll

Data Center Manager/Desktop Manager

Dustin is an excellant Director of Human Resources. She has not only worked with setting up all the benefits for the employees, but has also always gone above and beyond to assist me and many of my co-workers with their needs and issues. I would recommend Dustin with the highest of marks to anyone who would be lucky enough to work with her.

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